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Mobility Tech Tip: Simple Strategy for Logging and Monitoring of MIDlets

Vikram Goyal has posted a new Mobility Tech Tip, Simple Strategy for Logging and Monitoring of MIDlets:

Logging and monitoring your MIDlet in development is easy. Just print some lines on the console around critical events, and you know what is happening within your MIDlet. Integrated development environments (IDEs) such as the NetBeans IDE make this even easier by allowing you to do on-device debugging. But this is of no use to you when your MIDlet is actually being run on a client's phone. How do you monitor your killer MIDlet? Can you receive notification if something critical happens? Can you get an SMS to attend to notifications? Of course, you can. Several APIs make this possible, and this tech tip will show you how to combine them into a single interface...

Community: IoT