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Kirill Grouchnikov: Design, uninterrupted #64

Kirill Grouchnikov extends his site design analysis series with Design, uninterrupted #64:

Today’s post highlights the design of There are two main things that i like about the site – the color palette and the lighting effects. An austere color selection of muted teal, desaturated brick brown and light grayish yellow is masterfully reinforced in all the visual elements. Various shades of teal are used for both the grainy background and the texts in the top half of the site framing the attractive three-dimensional portfolio that occupies the center part. To improve the legibility of navigation links the design uses both all-caps and darker drop shadows (in the same teal hue). Move the mouse over the navigation links to see the inverse inset effect that uses darker hue with lighter drop shadows. Brick brown is only used sparingly in the top part – for the main logo which has a nice rollover effect and adds a little depth by displaying a blurred drop shadow below the navigation bar separator line...