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JVM Language Summit inspiration

It's hard to believe that the JVM
Language Summit is only a year old, and the recent second iteration
appears to have been a great success.

Hopefully soon you'll be able to watch the talks online, like last year's,
but in the meantime all the talk materials are
online, and there are some home
video style vignettes here. For a concise written summary, take a
look at these short summaries of day
one, day
two, and day
three. All the LOLs and OMGs are archived
here. Organizer
and JSR 292 lead John Rose was inspired by the Greats,
even as sartorial
inspiration was reportedly in shorter supply.

As you will hear
on the Java Posse, language success comes with great responsibility:
Noop take heed. This new language (No-awp) for the JVM (or the idea of
one) was introduced; the dust is still settling as to whether this year's Fan is going to storm the
developer world, or just
its own coffee cup.