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JRecordBind Project Releases Version 2.3's JRecordBind project has announced the release of Version 2.3. JRecordBind is a tiny and super fast library that aims to: 1) map a fixed or variable length text file to bean instances, ready to be chewed by an import procedure (Unmarshaller); and 2) export record beans into a fixed or variable length text file (Marshaller). Version 2.3, which is now available for download, adds xs:choice support:

Since version 2.3, you can specify the jrb:setter attribute at the xs:choice level. JAXB allows you to have only one method in classes defined as "choice" in the xsd, but that's defined outside of the xsd, in a file called bindings.xjb (using the "choiceContentProperty" option). JRecordBind knows nothing about that file, so you need to duplicate that information into the xsd, in a way JRecordBind can understand. So, for instance, if you have the elements One and Two inside an xs:choice element ...

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