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Joe Darcy Announces "JDK 7: New Component Delivery Model Delivered"

Joe Darcy announces JDK 7: New Component Delivery Model Delivered:

Thanks to Kelly,
the new title="JDK 7: New Component Delivery Model in the Works">component delivery model
for jaxp and jax-ws is now available in both JDK 7, as of build 72 of milestone 5, and OpenJDK 6, coming in build 18
( title="Restructure jaxp/jaxws repositories">6856630). As described previously, the JDK build no longer tracks a copy of the jaxp and jax-ws sources under version control. Instead source bundles from the upstream teams are used. The file in the jaxp repository contains the default URL from which the source bundle is downloaded as well as the expected checksum for that file. The analogous setup is used for jax-ws in its repository...

Community: OpenJDK