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Jim Weaver: Pickin' and grinnin' with the JFXtras Picker control

Java Champion Jim Weaver talks about "Pickin' and grinnin' with the JFXtras Picker control":

If you've been following this blog recently, you know that I've been developing an application in the SpeedReaderFX category that helps me quickly keep up on new happenings in world events, technology, gadgets, music, and social networks. SpeedReaderFX is located in the JFXtras open source project, and also serves as an example of using JFXtras classes with JavaFX. One of the newest enhancements made to the SpeedReaderFX program takes advantage of the Picker control that David Armitage created in the JFXtras project. Here's a screen shot of a program in the JFXtras project that he created to demonstrate and test the Picker control varieties ...