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JEDI-Brasil - A DFJUG Brasilia Initiative to expand Java training in Brazil

The Java User Groups community is featuring an article titled "JEDI-Brasil - A DFJUG Brasilia Initiative to expand Java training in Brazil":

The Java Users Group of the Federal District of Brazil in Brasilia - DFJUG ( was established in 1998 out of a need for qualified Java professionals. Today, with 46,983 members, DFJUG is considered one of the largest Java User groups in the world. It is DFJUG's educational focus which is the main driver that keeps this community together and growing --- Why?

Daniel deOliveira (currently working at the Brazilian Ministry of Planning) explains, that in Brazil, there is a shortage of IT professionals. There are currently 40,000 java-related jobs that are open and unfilled in Brazil. Furthermore, Brazil's formal educational sector (universities, colleges, technical and IT schools) has not been able to meet the demand. So, DFJUG began searching for answer(s) and asking questions like: Where does one find individuals that fit the IT developer profile? Where to find these "geniuses" that, without any formal or academical training, are capable of disassembling and reassembling a cell phone or even program these devices? ...

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