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JDK watch: Type Annotations (JSR 308)

Yesterday's weekly
build of JDK 7 includes a big set of
changes: more backporting
of Java SE 6uX features, fixes to Nimbus,
to NIO2, and the like. But most notably, as
planned in May, the incorporation of the other Java language addition for JDK
7: Type Annotations.

Annotations have been enormously successful since their introduction in J2SE 5.0,
allowing a wide range of different kinds of information to be attached
to source code. From signaling that tools make a variety
be made to your methods or classes, to the
partial eradication of unwieldy deployment descriptors in Java EE
(Aside: how the world turns ! The Planetarium Janitor
remembers the very earliest pre-release days of in the corridors of
Java EE, when deployment
descriptors were property files).

In Java SE 6, JSR
269 introduced 'Pluggable Annotations' with an API for tools to be able
to manipulate custom annotations of their own design.

And now, JDK 7 will allow Java
Annotations to go where no Java Annotation has
gone before. Read all
about the project here.