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JDK Watch: Back to school

What with zipping all over the
place to talk to folks about using JavaFX,
and the quarterly
JCP EC meeting, the Janitor
has so much news saved up !

Things are never dull around the JDK, and in the back to school rush,
there's been plenty going on. Sadly, the Swing Application Framework
hasn't reached a point where its ready to be included
in JDK 7, but most all of the other
features are on track since milestone 4 was released.
As you can see in the
latest builds, the team continues to tweak the new garbage collector and Project
Coin announced its additions
to the Java language.

Tomorrow, its the start of the annual JVM
language summit, with a great
looking schedule lined up. It seems that there's another language
other than Ruby
and Python:
Duby (ok, its a
hybrid) that's now using invokedynamic
to speed its execution.

There's also more signs of developers trying out JDK 7.
The new Filesystem
API designed in JSR
203 seems to be a major
attraction, indeed, for some, enough
in itself to justify an upgrade. And there are more signs that its going to be fast,
especially when Jigsaw is included.