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JavaFX Watch....on TV

Continuing in yesterday's
there's as much to say
about JavaFX.

No doubt you saw the first real step towards JavaFX in your living room, with the announcement
from Amino Communications to put JavaFX TV in its
range of futuristic
egg-shaped TV set-top boxes.

There's also been much talk of the new
features in JavaFX 1.2, with a typically thoughtful
and useful look at the new layout containers from Swing veteran Amy Fowler (and another
tutorial here), and a neat
feed reader from Jim Weaver here, and a nice blog on the RSS
reader capabilities in JavaFX now here.

Since the UK's Guardian
newspaper opened up
all its news content to developers, there's a new JavaFX tag cloud
navigator, accompanied by an interesting writeup of the creator's
experiences with JavaFX and comparisons with Flash.

The JavaFX team pushed
out a minor 1.2.1 update of the SDK and runtime, containing a
number of bug fixes, new samples
and performance improvements. Performance continues to be a strong
driver for the next release, as you can see from Really
Hip Smart Dude Richard Bair's 100,000 node blog.