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Java Tools Community Tweets at TheServerSide Java Symposium

The Java Tools Community is covering TheServerSide Java Symposium via Twitter ( Entries from the first day of the symposium include coverage of some talks by Kirk Pepperdine. Here are a few tweets:

  • When tuning, one has to look at the whole systm, not just at the code. Anything can slow down our app.
  • For a benchmarking process, we have to start from a baseline and move from that, always making sure we are improving.
  • In order not to get lost with all the data involved, divide and conquer to ananlyse the problem.
  • To reduce the problem: Who is the dominating consumer of resources? the OS, the JVM, the apps, nothing?
  • Who is using the CPU? and if you are not using it fully, what is preventing it from doing it?
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