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Java ME Watch

...Java ME too has plenty
to say.

While some
are worrying about which market segment Java ME will rule, the Opera Mini browser, the leading
mobile browser, which runs on Java ME
phones, shipped a new
beta which is getting
some great reviews. Like competitor BOLT, which also runs on Java ME phones, it
does what seems to be impossible: faster
browsing on small devices through cellular networks by using a
compression server.

Developers looking into the Swing
inspired LWUIT framework now have a book to help
them out, while the LWUIT team is looking forward to what's
to come in the next version. You can hear one company's experience
with LWUIT on the latest Java Mobility podcast.

See more on LWUIT in this new
series of short videos on a range of Java ME topics, with shorts on
Java Device Test
Framework, JSR 290,