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Java ME: Smart browsing on dumb phones

Think you need a $martphone to
browse the web ?

The intriguing BOLT browser
should get you to think again (thanks to arch-blogger
Hinkmond for the heads up). With desktop-like features like split-screen
browsing, feed
support, saving web
pages, streaming
video and accompanied by excellent
reviews of its speed
even on the most
basic phones, how can it do it when all the client requires is the
most basic of Java ME APIs: MIDP 2.0, rather than
the fancier MSA 2
shipping on the newer Java ME phones ?

The client part (which Bitstream
claims has long
passed the millionth download mark) of the BOLT browser is just
half the story: the heavy lifting is handled on the server through
which renders and compresses the data (23:1, if you believe
them) ready to squirt back to the phone.

And BOLT isn't
the only of this new breed of