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Geertjan Wielenga: Devoxx Day 3: Conference Day 1

Geerjan Wielenga posted his notes on Devoxx Day 3: Conference Day 1:

The conference proper started today. Up until now, there had been a lot of very long sessions, lasting 3 hours or so, i.e., university sessions. Now, not only did the sessions become shorter (i.e., more presentation-like and less lecture-like), but several big guns from the world of programming (e.g., James Gosling, as well as Oracle guys) turned up.

Before continuing, let me reveal that I am the Devoxx conference for one reason only: the El-Menoufiya JUG in Egypt gave me their ticket, since none of their members could make it. Hamada Zahera and the rest of the guys there: you rock and I am honored to be an honorary Egyptian. (Here's a pic of the whole group, me included.) ...

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