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Featured Project: MySQLExplorer Provides GUI-Based MySQL Database Management

The MySQLExplorer and MyExplorer projects are at work creating tools to make creating, using, and managing MySQL databases more convenient. Here's a summary of the projects from the owner:

MyExplorer is developed in two formats.

  1. MySQL Explorer: GUI Based Swing Application
  2. MyExplorer: GUI Based Web Application MySQL Explorer and MyExplorer have almost same functionalities. Those functionalities are listed as follows:
    1. MyExplorer is a GUI based Web Application for enabling the users to design the database for MySQL graphically..
    2. By the help of this application the user can easily create/delete/modify/insert/display the table content.
    3. The User can also use SQL Query Window to directly interact with the database tables.
    4. Another features are::- a. Query Generation i. For Every User Operation On The Database the Internal SQL Operation is generated in form of Query and displayed to the user.. b. Export/Import i. Exporting or Importing database structure and data in form of queries is performed graphically.. c. Generating Data Dictionary i. Data Dictionary of a database can be generated on selection of a particular database
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