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Dustin Marx: More JavaOne 2010 Blogs and Articles

Dustin Marx is following More JavaOne 2010 Blogs and Articles:

Several more interesting blogs and articles on JavaOne 2010 have been published recently.  In this blog post, I point to and summarize some of these. In Oracle Takes Over JavaOne Conference, Paul Krill discusses several themes, both advertised and unadvertised, that are likely to prevail at JavaOne.  He alludes to the recent announcement that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison would join Executive Vice President Thomas Kurian for the JavaOne 2010 opening keynote ("Java Strategy and Directions").  James Sugrue highlights this keynote in One Keynote You Won't Want to Miss and there are numerous interesting comments on that post's feedback.  Krill also references the later JavaOne keynote that boats Mark Reinhold as a contributor...

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