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Devoxx 09: Day 2 Fun

It was a morning of keynotes
examining the workings of technology professional, and a contrast of
preaching styles.

Ivar Jacobson's
delivery allowed the audience to share in the nordic dispair of a
participating in an industry in still seeking a single development
methodology, before raising the collective spirit with a gospel of
a universal one to be
resurrected from the common elements of all the ones developed to-date.
But it was hard for the Janitor's
mundane mind to see if there was anything left in this
intersection-of-methodologies except for good old fashioned common
sense. And will probably Bourne in shell
for saying so.

Next up was the evangleical Bob Martin
whose exhortive style raised a lot of chuckles, mining such rich seams
as: Developer versus Manager, and Project Trainwrecks We've All
Survived. At times seeming like he might speak in tongues, the Janitor thought he was,
unfortunately, glossolalia-ing
over some nice practical advice about how to be more of a professional
that produces write well-crafted code in which QA will find no fault.

And the day continued a stylistic Tower of Babel,
with an last minute standin presenter of an excellent talk on Java
classloaders having the nerves of steel to allow the audience to
debug and fix his demo that had gone wrong; Stephen Chin's engaging JavaFX talk on the many excellent
components in JFXtras
(like the JavaFX
table which performed beautifully with 16 million items), and FEST
saw him running up and down the stairs asking questions and handing out

The stylistic nightmare that was four geeks in hats
dancing to Rick Astley meant you were at the start of the live
recording of the JavaPosse. There were
predictably big cheers for Scala, Java EE
6's imminent (December 10th) release, mostly cheers for closures,
and lots of other fun which you can catch up to when they edit the bad
words out and publish it, if you weren't there.

Stephan Janssen
really puts on a great show at Devoxx.