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Arun Gupta: Oracle Open World 2009 – Day 3 Report

Arun Gupta continued his conference coverage series with Oracle Open World 2009 – Day 3 Report:

Day 3 of Oracle Open World 2009 (Day 1, Day 2) started on an adventurous note for me. The San Francisco Bay Area got hit with the strongest October storm in 47 years and so the ride from home to Moscone Center took almost 30 extra minutes, because of flooded roads, strong winds, other accidents, and hydroplaning multiple times. Anyway only missed first few minutes of Thomas Kurian’s keynote. Kurian is no stranger to the Java crowd because he is a regular keynote speaker at JavaOne. However it was totally impressive to see customer endorsements (both quality and quantity) and how they are using Oracle to solve operational problems...

Community: Java Enterprise