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Scala Lifting Off ?

If you are think about adding a new
language to your programming
language history, then you are probably following the recent
discussions about whether Scala
will replace the Java language, summarized
here at InfoQ and with a followup
from James 'Groovy' Strachan here.

Scala is an object oriented
and functional language, like many other JVM languages.
Yet unlike many of today's JVM langauges
is statically typed. It's been implemented on other platforms (.NET, Android) but still
primarily appears to be used
on the Java SE 6 VMs. It's been through a couple iterations since
its first
release in late 2003, and although typically Scala programs use
the underlying Java APIs, frameworks are starting to appear for Scala, most notably, Lift, for web app development.

And NetBeans seems
to be ahead of the curve in its support for Scala.

A nice way to see if you agree it could replace Java one day.