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Sampling JavaFX 1.2

One of the best ways to chart
the progress of JavaFX
these days is simply to go and look
at the samples.

The new set of UI controls and layout managers in JavaFX 1.2 are pretty
nifty. So its easy now with these new additions to the scenegraph to go
from gamesy style (like Brick Breaker,
or Pac-Man)
to plain fun, like the flickr photo viewer,
through drawing
centric apps all the way to the more traditional interface, like
this project
manager, or any hybrid inbetween. With its own skin in CSS.

Getting data into a JavaFX application is easier too: you can easily
fetch the data in a background task, as seen in this simple Twitter
client, or get it from
an RSS or ATOM feed, and no matter where you are (Desktop (Windows, Mac, OpenSolaris
or Linux), mobile or
TV) you have application
data stick around locally between sessions.

And with the new RTSP support for media, smaller application binaries
and runtime optimisations, you should notice a jump in speed