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Hello, my name is Jonathan Borg, and for the past few days I've been trying to make my bugged JAVA (SE) Binary (TM) to close. A while ago, I was using wireless internet, and hade a Minecraft Server up and running. Then my connection got aborted, so hade to restart my NetGear router, and when I get back, well, guess what... ***FAILED TO BIND TO PORT!*** error showed up in the GUI-window. I will paste the message here; [INFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.0.0 [INFO] Loading properties [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on [WARNING] **** FAILED TO BIND TO PORT! [WARNING] The exception was: Cannot assign requested address: JVM_Bind [WARNING] Perhaps a server is already running on that port? The JVM_Bind connected to this site refused to close, and since the ServerTool for JAVA is very unclear for the "unregister server" command text, I have not been able to solve this. THOUSANDS of people out there got the same problem as me, so please, if anyone got the hearth, start making a Support site and possibly a JAVA Port Unbinder program. Dear Greetings, Jonathan Borg.
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