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The PQL Web Server is a new SQL concept. PQL means Public Query Language. Like Public Variables PQL can serve up Dynamic Web Content universally.
High Level Logic (HLL) is a framework for intelligent applications that is easy to understand and use, even by less experienced programmers.
This project aims to provide an enterprise grade network inventory system
Library for evaluating mathematic expressions and equations
A new command interpreter written in Java with custom JAR command installer. Features Double Click Executable .CCB Files.
The framework uses plugins combined with a distributed messaging system to enable distributed computing with minimal effort.
Implementation of the STUN protocol as described in RFC 3489. STUN is a technique (protocol) there allow an application behind a Network Address Translators (NAT) Firewall to discover its public Internet address and the type of the NAT scenario used between the application and the Internet. STUN use a client/server scenario and the goal of this project is to implement a client API there are easy to use, plus the necessary classes to set-up a server.
A platform for dynamic deployment/reconfiguration of application
DOAG is the German Oracle Users Group, one of the representing Java Communities
A peer-to-peer storage system.