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Racing to learn

Is it because of Madonna
and Justin Timberlake ? Our life experiences being compressed to bursts of 160 characters
? Pecha Kucha ?
Our long, satisfying URLs being reduced
to a bite-sized snack ? What is it that's fuelling a proliferation
of articles and blogs proclaiming a time bound learning experience for
developers. Even the normally
fad-resistent Planetarium has been know
to fall victim !

Got 5 minutes ? Catch up on 10
years of Netbeans, create a JavaFX drawing app,
learn the technology
for representing Java objects as XML and vice-versa, deploy
a JNLP application, write a test
for Java Persistence (or go the whole hog: write
a Java EE app), or create
a JavaFX media player ?

How about 10 minutes ? Devx appears
to be trying to
corner this market, or you can buy
the book, but otherwise you can take your pick from: deploying
an applet with the deployment toolkit, use log4j in Eclipse,
ant, Python,
or JavaFX from saying
hello, to triggers
and databinding to invoking
RESTful web services.

With the luxury of 15 minutes to spare on something like JavaFX, you could learn
the language, or see
what you can do with the graphics.

Just think what you could learn
in a whole week !