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Publicize your Project

There are many ways you can publicize your project on This will help bring attention to the development you are doing, increase your membership and in many other ways improve your project. Also read Juan Carlos Soto's suggestions for Sponsoring a Successful Project.

Here are some of the features that can help others find out about your work:

Projects & Communities Daily Update

Every weekday on the front page we mention two noteworthy things that are going on in the Projects and Communities. Take a look at previous announcements and submit a descriptive paragraph with helpful links.

Also in Java Today and Spotlight

Has someone else featured an article about your project that you would like others to read?

On the front page and community page we have a special area where we spotlight a particular project for about a week.


The forums are filled with discussions about projects, programming, conferences, careers, and other topics of interest to Java developers. Many projects have found forum discussions a great way to solicit feedback and collaborate.

Weblogs weblogs are a vehicle for unique voices within the Java community to provide commentary, reporting, guidance, and more. Bloggers are selected by the editors, who try to balance interests and viewpoints across the broad spectrum of Java development.

  • View weblogs
  • Email our editor,

    to be considered as a potential blogger.

Featured Article

Every week we publish about two articles. You could write an article that relates to your project. This is a great way to get people excited about your project.

  • Email our editor,

    with your proposal

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Event Listing

Is your project going to be presented at an event? Perhaps at a Java User Group meeting? If so, add the event to our event listing.

Project Web Space

Every project has a publicly-viewable web space, located in the www directory of the project repository. You can use this space to host web-visible documents appropriate to the project: tutorials, installation guides, how-to's, maps to events, etc. An example of this approach is the weekly JavaTools Community Newsletter. To create such a page, use any web-page creation tool (or a basic text edtitor) to create the HTML, graphics, and other files in a local copy of the project, then cvs add the files to the project. Once published, these pages are ideal links for inclusion in "Projects and Communities" submissions (see above).

RSS Feeds

Do you have an RSS feed related to your project? If so, add it to our Java related listing of RSS feeds.