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Java Related RSS Feeds

Alphabetical List

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New: All projects now have RSS for their project announcements. The feeds look like this:

TXW News

Announcements from the TXW Project at Java.Net

Tyrant News

News about Tyrant, the Java Roguelike RPG

UISpec4J Project Announcements

UISpec4J Project Announcements

ULC Code Community

Extensions, samples and code snippets, useful for developers building rich thin clients with Canoo's UltraLightClient.

UltraLightClient Code Community Contributions

UltraLightClient code community anouncements


Throwing Eclipse RCP developers a frikkin bone.


John Urberg's web log

Vita Santrucek's Weblog

My blog about Java, quality, metrics ..

WebPublisher Project Announcements

WebPublisher Project Announcements


WebServices news

Webtide Blogs

Blogsite for Webtide

What's the big idea?

Rick's Observations on mostly Java-related stuff


Technology channel from Whirlycott

Whisper IM Announcements

Announcements about the Whisper IM Project

WidgetServer Project Announcements

WidgetServer Project Announcements

Wired News - Technology
Wireless Developer

Wireless Developer is Sun's web site devoted to wireless Java developers. Features include articles and tutorials, links to presentations and other resources, a code sharing forum, and more.

Wizard Project Announcements

Wizard Project Announcements

Wolf Paulus' Web Journal

Swixml, Thinlet, Theodore, other CabaCubes related Technologies

World Wide Web Consortium

Leading the Web to Its Full Potential...

WSO2 Oxygen Tank - Oxygen for Web Services Developers
XHTMLRenderer Project Announcements

XHTMLRenderer Project Announcements

XHTMLTranscoder file releases

Announcements of new project file releases

XHTMLTranscoder news

Project news

Xito Project Announcements

Xito Project Announcements

XLayouts Project Announcements

XLayouts Project Announcements

xlSQL Project Journal

News from the xlSQL Sources features a rich mix of information and services for the XML community.

Xml:id Filter News

Announcements from the Xml:Id Filter Project at Java.Net

XMLConfigReader file releases

Announces new project file releases

XMLConfigReader news

Project news


Announcements from the XSOM Project at Java.Net

XUI Project Announcements

XUI Project Announcements


Weblog for the xVRML Project

Xyling Java Blogs

This public blog is maintained by Xyling Technologies with a focus to explore,filter,categorize and maintain a good quality resource to make life simpler for the Java Developers at any level.