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Java Related RSS Feeds

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New: All projects now have RSS for their project announcements. The feeds look like this:

Ove Nordstrom's Weblog

Thoughts on java, mobility, wireless and other technical swedish or english


Blog on software parameterization (Java, XML, Configuration)

Patrick Curran

Front-page news for all things patterns


Object/Relational (O/R) Mapping Layer

Penni Henry
People With Ideas

From the developers of I/ON at

Personal Money Portfolio

Using JavaBean, JSF, MyFaces, WSDL, RSS Util, JSTL combination to build a real life example - Currency Exchange Portfolio.

Peter von der Ahé
Petr Suchomel's Weblog
PgsLookAndFeel Project Announcements

PgsLookAndFeel Project Announcements

Planet-On-Wire Project Announcements

Planet-On-Wire Project Announcements

An aggregation of Java news and weblogs
Portal Java - Brazillian Java on-line community

Portlet Community Features

Items from's Portlet community homepage.

Praveen Mohan
Project cqme

Project News Postings for Project cqme

Project Looking Glass Announcements

Project Looking Glass Announcements

Project ulcxmapviewer

Project News Postings for Project ulcxmapviewer

Property Resource Bundle Editor Project Announcements

Property Resource Bundle Editor Project Announcements

Punit Pandey's Weblog on Portlets, OOA/D and J2EE

I am now a days working on Portlets, OOA/D, Software Architecture and Design, Design Patterns, Software Methodologies, J2EE and More. I will try to post related information on this blog.

Pure Danger Tech

Alex Miller's technical blog

Pushing Pixels

I'm Kirill Grouchnikov and this blog is about user interfaces, imaging and related topics.

Raible Designs ~ Java Feed

Matt Raible's trial's and tribulations as a bleeding edge J2EE Developer

Rambling On My Mind

Mik Lernout's Blog on Java

Rational Pi - Dev bits and Java

Blog covering a wide range of topics in Java including Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) exam, coding standards, tools, Eclipse, NetBeans, Maven, Ant, opensource libraries and best practices.

Raw Block

blog of Julian Doherty. Random braindumps vaguely related to coding.

Ray Kiddy

Ray Kiddy's Blog

Renderosity Comic Strip

Digital Art Community Comics

Renderosity Latest News

Digital Art Community News and Reviews

Rich Sands
richard@work : javaTechBlog

Richard's thougths on Java - Rich Internet Applications

Rich Clients are making a comeback. The IT community is realizing the limitations of thin web clients and is actively looking at deploying rich client applications where they can significantly improve

Robert Cooper

Robert Cooper is an independent Java developer in the Atlanta area, working with J2EE technologies and web/web service projects. He is also the maintainer of the FeedPod project and a contributor to s

Robotics Features

Items from's Robotics community homepage.

Recent articles

Romain Guy's Weblog

Playing with Java, Swing and UI Design.

Rome News

Announcements from the Rome Project at Java.Net -- Nothing but Unix

News and information for Unix Sysadmins

SaverBeans Screensaver Pack Project Announcements

SaverBeans Screensaver Pack Project Announcements

Scott Kovatch

Scott Kovatch's Blog

SDN Program News: Mobile and Embedded

Update information at Seasar project site

See All. Hear All.

Journal of Helios Development

Segmentation Fault: Core dumped..;-)

Anand Sharma's weblog: A peek into "life" through my bioscope

Augusto's corner of art, code and fun

Setup J2ME

J2ME blogs


Singapore Java User Group

Shai's Weblog