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What's wrong with applets?

Too hard to build a GUI
13% (115 votes)
Too hard to deploy
24% (207 votes)
Too much security restriction
16% (137 votes)
Hype / politics
10% (87 votes)
Don't need rich clients
5% (39 votes)
Something else (please comment)
18% (150 votes)
14% (121 votes)
Total votes: 856


Applet lifecycle

The applet lifecycle, in terms of a user moving on and of the web page, especially now that tabbed browsing is so common (more likely for a user to move off of and come back to a page), is an annoying hastle with little benifit. For most basic things a well constructed web page/app is sufficient. If I really need/want that nice rich GUI I'll move to a Swing app.