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How active are you in projects?

Project owner
16% (60 votes)
Have contributed code
4% (15 votes)
Have filed bugs/RFE's
4% (15 votes)
Have discussed projects in lists/forums
9% (33 votes)
Not active in projects
68% (263 votes)
Total votes: 386


Make it easy

Many projects need View permissions etc to be applied for from the adminstrator. I suggest doing something similar to sourceforge, where you have full anonymous access. It is very discouraging to ask for permissions to just view a project source.

Make it easy

I agree. The UI in isn't as good as (no offense intended.. just feedback).

It's sometimes hard to find the files to download, hard to browse through source code. And the documentation and screenshots are often hard to find.

Before getting interested in any project I look for documentation and/or screenshots and/or demo sites. Once I'm interested I download and try it out. You have to do that since there are a zillion projects around.

Also release notes and easier bug submission would be nice.

Make it easy

I had trouble accessing CVS from eclipse. Eclipse may not be a sun product but I think it is very problematic if users of the most popular java IDE can't access projects Correct me if I am wrong ..

Not that there's anything wrong with that

Hey, listen. I read your sites, I download stuff, I install it and experiment sometimes and I use what I can see works well in our systems. That's a contribution, isn't it?

Not that there's anything wrong with that

By reading, downloading and playing, you may be contributing to yourself and your project(s), maybe your employer or client(s), but you are not putting anything back into the community. I'm not being hifalutin - I'm in the same boat (though I've submitted bugs and particiapte in forums). On the other hand I'm working hard to commit code to one project and perhaps start another. Until I do, I feel like a user, not a contributor. Promoting OS projects, is a contribution - talking to friends, project managers, etc. But you wouldn't say your contributing to McDonalds if you told a friend you like their salads, would you?