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Which aspect of Java technology is the primary focus of your current work efforts?

Rich Media Applications and Interactive Content
18% (66 votes)
8% (29 votes)
14% (53 votes)
Core technologies
40% (147 votes)
More than one of these
13% (50 votes)
7% (26 votes)
Total votes: 371


Please Save the JavaFX

actually, all the votes is meaning they are wanting you to speed up the JavaFX

JavaFX is a waste of time

if JavaFX is meant to compete with shockwave / flash / silverlight, it will lose. they are far better in the visual support, have better development tools, and have smaller plugins (except by Silverlight). anyway, none of them block the browser during startup. if JavaFX is meant to be a new dynamic / scripting language, it will lose too. we have better stuff like groovy, ruby, python, or anything. javaFX is still stuck to classic java verbosity. the power demos we have of javaFX are just made by power gurus that developed them along several weeks. javaFX is not useful for real-word commercial teams who need productivity, control, cheap budgets. if not, we could say that anything could be done in any language. we could really write browser plugins in C++ instead of javaFX. but using flash is faster, and cheaper

JavaFX is a waste of time

I don't know about JavaFX, but Flash sucks! Hogs your whole CPU and version 10 locks up your browser. Have you ever seen something useful done in Flash?

JavaFX is a waste of time

Seems odd to hear "fast" and "flash" used in the same sentence together. :-p