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Has the Java 6 Update 10 plug-in stoked your interest in applets?

Yes, it has
38% (216 votes)
Yes, though I was already interested in applets
20% (114 votes)
No, I don't like 6u10 / the plug-in
4% (21 votes)
No, I'm just not interested in applets
35% (202 votes)
Something else (please comment)
4% (22 votes)
Total votes: 575


Changes in u10 open sourced

I would like to see all the changes from update 10 open sourced.

Changes in u10 open sourced

I want the entire JDK6 tree thrown out with the garbage.

Bad Reputation Procedes It...

....just the term alone, "applet", will send shivers down any IT managers back, especially those that have had to support them in the past. I believe the acronym PoS was coined for them, and if not should have been. Don't get me wrong, I like Swing and all, but Swing in a browser still doesn't work especially when any number of things will make it fail (and I do mean WILL MAKE IT FAIL).


Just one question: when will the final version of 6u10 be shipped?

the broken . . .

FileChooser (I know this is not Applet-specific), but Sun seems content to let FileChooser behavior be broken in JDK1.6. It's terrible

Hope JRE Size Smallest

The JRE's size should be as small as possible...

Hope JRE Size Smallest

Personally, I couldn't care less about JRE size. But then I do 99% server applications and about 1% desktop (and that mainly for personal use) so there's no such problem as customers having to download a JRE on the fly (and when they do, it's corporate customers on LANs where such things are rolled up in automatic software distributions taking place outside office hours so the end users never notice).

What I care about more than anything (and which is the main reason we rejected 6 as a runtime platform let alone a development platform (the new "features" are another major point in that) is stability. The stability of 6 is seriously degraded from 1.5, enough so that we could in tests not rely on our systems to remain stable for days let alone the weeks or better yet months we require.

Performance is no problem, but 1.5 is just as fast by now because the majority of performance improvements over 1.4 and early 1.5 releases have also been implemented on that by now.

I use a Mac

I use a mac so I didn't get a chance to play with it.

Windows only

DHTML and even Flash still better for cross-platform browser-based apps. Java has to get good on Windows, Mac, and Linux in order to matter for applets. (That said, I've found that Web Start is a mostly usable technology if you limit yourself to compatibility with older versions (<= Java 5?) of the JRE. Web Start and applets have significantly different user experience in Firefox on Mac, from what I've seen. I can't speak for Linux.)

not Windows only

the new plugin works great on windows, linux and solaris (I cant speak for Mac because I don't have one) The only windows only features are Direct3D hardware acceleration and the quickstarter which is something like eager vs. lazy loading... I prefer lazy ;)

Windows only

Well, JNLP-littering is still an annoying issue on Firefox/Mac.