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Are you planning to attend JavaOne 2008?

23% (111 votes)
69% (330 votes)
Still not sure
7% (35 votes)
Total votes: 476


How about real England?

It would be nice to go to JavaOne, just funds are hard to come by. So why not one day have it in England! All that are going enjoy.

It would be nice Java world in New England

Don't forget the Boston area!

It would be nice Java world in New England

That works for me!

Move it around.

It would be nice if they considered holding this in other places around the country every so often.

Move it around.

other continents are also a welcome change. It's far too expensive for most people from outside the US to travel there for JavaOne.

Due to traveltime and timezones (jetlag) we have to add some 4 days to our schedule to attend, so attending effectively would keep me out of the office for 2 weeks. Even if the airfare, hotel, conference fees, rental car, etc. weren't enough to kill any chance of getting budget approved the lost productivity will do it any time.