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Do you blog?

26% (179 votes)
No, but I used to
8% (53 votes)
No, but I plan to
18% (123 votes)
No, and I don't plan to
49% (341 votes)
Total votes: 696


What about frequency?

Shouldn't the poll also try capturing the frequency of the blogs? I guess that would also be good statistics.

I guess... ego isn't inflated to the point that I think that other people need or care to hear what I am saying.

I guess...

Doesn't have to be ego-related, but indeed I don't consider my ramblings to be interesting enough for others to read as headlines.

Add to that that I'm way too busy badgering others on their blogs to write my own :)

I guess...

Believe, an inflated ego is not the only reason that takes people to blog. I have a blog and I don't think it's a ego-related stuff, at least, not for me.

I guess...

Nice one :)