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Preferred web app server

52% (380 votes)
3% (23 votes)
9% (64 votes)
5% (37 votes)
15% (112 votes)
9% (67 votes)
J2EE 1.4 SDK
6% (41 votes)
Total votes: 724


Why not Resin ? :-O

I wonder about existing in poll Jetty but not Resin which one of widely used web servers in real env as against some others(tomcat) which only best for testing purposes and not real use.

Why not Resin ? :-O

tomcat just for testing? how many years ago have you tested tomcat the last time?


Since the poll is back, I forgot to make my vote known -- Resin is my favorite webapp server. Easy to use, stable, and fast, and in my experience a lot less configuration issues than Tomcat. Something that most people may not know about is they are VERY responsive to bug reports, comments, and feature requests.


I can confirm this opinion. Resin is my first choice. When I want a free product then I choose Jetty. It's quite strange that so many people prefer Tomcat.

Take two

Thank you for your patience and feedback. We have tried to implement a system that will disuade bots without inconveniencing legitimate voters. Of course, finding this balance means that someone determined can still find a way to spoof the system. We hope that this will not be the case and that we can continue to provide polls here on our home page.

Thank you,

Daniel Steinberg, editor

Take two

Thanks for the long overdue fix. Hope it works!

either registered or added security

Information found on the first page of a site like have credibility, wether it is polls or general rantings from a lunatic. Sorry, but that is how things are. Thus it is my opinion that a certain amount of security ougth to be present. Preferrably login, but in worst case a cookie should be stored in the browser to make it slightly harder to spoof the poll. In the case of this specific poll, I am slightly puzzled to why anyone would want to boost "Other"? Would have guessed on some of the specifics, like BEA, WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat etc.

why anyone would want to boost "Other"?

My theory is it's somebody who prefers the MS platform for webapps and they don't want any Java-based server to win the poll.

why anyone would want to boost "Other"?


why anyone would want to boost "Other"?

That's a possibility, of course. From the contact I've had with Caucho, they don't seem like the type of company that would do such a thing. JBoss on the other hand.... but they had an option in the poll so maybe they just didn't have enough time to write a bot using AOP and Hibernate before the poll was taken offline. Maybe a Resin user could have done it, though. We'll never know...

why anyone would want to boost "Other"?

because there are other Application Servers =) -rogue

JBoss with Tomcat or JBoss with Jetty ?

Is it ok to inlcude JBoss as a poll option ? Because it could count as either Tomcat or Jetty ...

no login

Please don’t do it. Please don’t restrict this page to registered users. I am a registered user but restricting this to registered users wills not an interesting thing. Instead you can change it a little like this: After users voting site can compare IP address with IP address archive in last 24 hours. If there is vote with this IP address in last 24 house site can redirect user for logging in to site.

Why not interesting?

Just curious -- why wouldn't it be interesting? The only reason I can think of to not require login is that the site doesn't seem to ever remember my logins, which is a royal pain. Interesting or not, it would be much more valid, especially compared to letting one person vote 100 time for the same thing and making the poll entirely meaningless and waste of time, cpu cycles, and energy. IP address has it's own issues, too, but is a possibility. I don't think I'd set it for 24 hours though. 1 or 2 ought to do. Also the polls should close after 48 hours and display the results on the homepage.


Unfortunate as it is, bad behavior on the net is going to happen, just like crime is going to happen in any society. It's actually more likely on the net because there's few if any laws and it's generally easy to cover tracks. I warned about this when the first poll came up, and suggested some ways to counteract it. With all the real and credible concerns over security, spam, privacy, etc., you just can't make assumptions, even for "little stuff" like a poll. Part of the problem is considering these polss to be inconsequential. As I mentioned before, quite a few people take them quite seriously and use them as a barometer for whatever topic the poll is about. seems to be the only site I know of that hasn't "got it" yet. I know I tend to be interested in the results of polls. This one was interesting to me because I use both WebLogic and Tomcat but have been dissatisfied with both lately. I haven't used it lately, but I used Resin in the past and still remember it fondly and think it's the most developer-friendly servlet container around. It was my impression that it's still fairly popular, so I was surprised to see it wasn't in the poll options. And I didn't think Jetty was all that popular. Is it? I hope fixes up the polling software or starts over with an existing package that deals with all the problems that could happen. I recommend the latter as it would just waste time to write it again and it probably would take time to make robust and secure. Good luck with your efforts, and I look forward to the return of the polls...

totally agree

take down the ip and find this annoying, childish person. I think login wouldn't be unreasonable.

poll shut down for now

Sorry to shut the poll down but we're being hit by a bot. So much of our site is built around the assumption that people will behave well. We make it easy to add to the wiki, forums, etc. Why someone would choose to have a bot vote for "other" once a second in an inconsequential poll is beyond us. We are considering whether to require login for voting in a poll.

I don't understand the payoff to the person responsible. It reminds me of elementary school when the teacher would say "because of the actions of a few ..." Sigh.