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Philip Brittan

Philip Brittan has been writing software and running software companies
for 15 years. He grew up on a ranch in Montana and has a degree in
Computer Science from Harvard University. He was lead developer, then VP
Product Development, and finally CEO of financial software firm
Astrogamma. Philip then founded and ran software development firm
Spheresoft, and then founded Droplets, Inc., of which he is
currently Chairman. In addition to starting companies and writing Java
code, Philip enjoys skiing, hiking, mountain biking, composing music,
and playing with his kids.



Microsoft is redefining the application interface around rich clients, and if Java does not have an answer, it faces being cut off from end users. The answer lies in matching Microsoft's...

The IT security outlook just seems to be getting worse. Maybe it's time to change the rules.

Microsoft's campaign to take over the world is bringing it into conflict with a few people.

Is the cold war between Sun and IBM over Java heating up?

Microsoft is leading a charge back to the desktop. Will the world follow?

I just published an article on CNet titled The new IT confusion which attempt to disentangle grid and utility...

What do we mean by open standards anyhow?

My last entry evoked a certain amount of name-calling in the arena of open standards....

Can 'standards' and 'standardization' be two unrelated concepts?

There was an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal,...

Rapid application development tools let you put together a great-looking mock-up of your app in no time, but often are of little use for the production version of your system. Visual GUI...

I recently wrote a paper for The SAP Developer Network on user interface technology in the enterprise. I'd like to pull out one small section of that paper...

Is Microsoft ready to move onto the 'extinguish' phase with the Web browser?

One valuable capability of open standards is to let customers decouple application decisions from infrastructure choices.

Avalon gives Microsoft an opportunity to demonstrate its leverage over the user experience and to shake up competitors.

Web Services are a way for Microsoft to leverage the existing base of J2EE without having to do anything to support Java explicitly.

Industry gurus claiming that technology no longer matters to Corporate America may be drawing the wrong conclusion from the wrong evidence.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I...

If the IT industry wants to be more like other, mature manufacturing industries, then large vendors need to be willing and able to integrate and resell software components as easily as they do...

Speculation on a strategy for Microsoft to co-opt Linux

Pardon the title. I'm not actually calling anyone stupid. Just couldn't resist co-opting President Clinton's '92 campaign...

What do you think about when you write Java?

Could Microsoft co-opt Linux?

Let Java play to its strengths and co-opt Microsoft’s advantages

In the previous parts of this series on Java vs. Microsoft .NET, I lay out the threat that .NET poses to the...

Java takes a language-specific approach to solving problems, .NET takes a platform-specific one

Standards, and corresponding monopolies, can occur naturally

Believe it or not, there are times when I feel some empathy for Microsoft. After all, I myself was once a small-time...

Java’s traditional weapon of choice

Single points of failure can be entire systems. Prevention may lie in "fencing in".

Software vendors are in a better position than enterprises to have the full-time user champions that Extreme Programming requires

Microsoft makes money from Windows desktops, not from browsers

In response to the the latest installment of my Java vs. .Net series...

Two articles recently got me thinking about the fact that paradigm shifts can be born out of convenience or necessity.

What is Microsoft trying to do?

There is a natural evolution of platform technologies from document publishing to forms processing to application delivery. The Web is the leading example of this, but Adobe Acrobat PDF and...