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Doug Twilleager

Doug is Chief Architect of the Java Games Technologies group at Sun
Microsystems. Previously,
he was one of the architects of Java 3D. He also worked in the graphics
research group at Sun
focusing on programmable shading and advanced rendering techniques.
Throughout his 14 years
at Sun, he has worked on products such as OpenGL, XGL, and the X
server. He is also an
avid gamer.



Yesterday a customer asked me “What advantage does the
bandwidth of new 3G networks bring to mobile games?” My
answer: None. Huh?

It's not quite true....

I have been meaning to write this one for a while. And now, just over a week before the Game Developer Conference (GDC), it seems like just the right time. This entry will continue trying to...

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Now that the Game Developer Conference (GDC) is over, and we are slowly getting dug out of being away for a week, it is interesting to look back at the fun things at GDC.