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M. Jeff Wilson

M. Jeff Wilson has been developing software since 1980, when a college
roommate let him learn BASIC on an Apple IIe. He has worked as a
developer for insurance companies, the US Government, IBM, a commercial
CASE tool company, a warehousing inventory software and hardware
startup, banking, and traffic engineering companies. He is currently an
architect and developer on network management systems for a large
telecommunications company.



In the last entry, I got to the point where I had a functional GWT generator that was creating a do-nothing shell of the Person_PropertyAdapter class. Here, I plan to complete that implementation...

So at this point, we have an interface, PropertyAdapter, for which we want GWT to generate an implementation at compile time using this call:


GWT's deferred binding is triggered with this call:

   PropertyAdapter<Foo> fooAdapter = (PropertyAdapter<Foo>) GWT.create...

If you recall from my last post, what I want to do in GWT code is take a class like this:

class Person 
   private String firstName;
   private String middleName;
   private String...

Looking around the web for GWT property binding libraries did turn up several interesting candidates. Gwittr is a project (hosted on Google code)...

This JavaOne I finally got to check out Google Web Toolkit.