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Mike Clark

Mike Clark is an independent consultant based in Denver, CO. He is co-author of
Bitter EJB and editor of the
JUnit FAQ. He has created several open source tools including
JUnitPerf for continuous performance testing. Two years ago he discovered the joy and power of test-driven development, and he hasn't written code the same way since.

Mike frequently writes and speaks on his experiences in the trenches helping teams build better software faster. He chronicles his "Aha!" moments on his own weblog, as president of Clarkware Consulting. He's been crafting software professionally since 1992, immersed in Java since 1997.



This article gives you 12 practical ways to start (and keep) writing tests, regardless of your development process. Testing is important, and writing tests first results in the emergence of better designs.
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JavaOne 1998 was a watershed moment for me. For starters, that was the year of the Java Ring. And having cut my teeth as a programmer on embedded systems, the ring was super cool. Imagine Java...