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Daniele Dellafiore

Daniele Dellafiore is a Junior Developer whose involved in developing
Java software since long time and has begun a professional career in
industry just recently cause "University deserves much time". His main
area of interest are Open Source, Agile development and desktop
applications. Actually involved in some project for Sourcesense,
mainly on the server side, he tries to focus on simple and funny
solutions and avoid big shack which software world is full. Also a
member of JUG and XP-UG in Milan, Italy.



I simply hate that "mvn eclipse:eclipse" does not generate project files for Maven projects that have POM packaging. Yes I know that I can simply create a Default Eclipse project on...

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I know that many of the ones who just happen to read this already know every single news that I am going to talk about but... I want to tell these anyway, like talking in a pub about something...

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