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Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is an engineer on the Java 2D Team at Sun Microsystems, working on OpenGL hardware acceleration and imaging related issues. He will be out the door as soon as his rock and roll career takes off. Anyone that knows Chris understands that he is full of contradictions and that his music career will never come to fruition. Therefore, you can trust that he will be working hard for years to come to make Java the perfect platform for rich graphical applications and games.



Lots of developers use the simple Image.getScaledInstance() that's been around since Java 1.1, apparently not realizing that Java 2D provides better-looking, more performant, and more flexible options. Chris Campbell checks in with where image scaling is in Java SE 6 and what we might see in JDK 7.
This document describes the current state of the OpenGL-based pipeline as of J2SE 5.0.


[We had some difficulty setting up my blog account; this entry was actually written early last week...]