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Felipe Ortiz

Felipe Ortiz uses Java to push bits from one place to another. Felipe is a Senior Software Engineer at a startup in the Silicon Valley where he is part of a team that develops software solutions for high rolling hedge funds. You can find more of Felipe's writing on programming and software development at Juixe



It is that time of year when folks look back at the events that made the year soo memorable. I was reading a nice article regarding the...

Here is an good list of top Java books available for preview on Google Books. Google Books provides scans of thousands of textbooks. The scans are not the...

Even though it has been more than a month since JavaOne, I hope you enjoy this blog post here where I list the best of the best at this year's JavaOne.

Now that I have had some time to work with Java SE 6, I thought I would share a list what I think are the top features and biggest letdowns.

I was sold into scripting...