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Sharad Acharya

Sharad Acharya has more than eight years of experience in the field of
Software Engineering in multiple business domains: supply chain,
insurance, banking, and mortgage. His expertise includes design, development,
and integration of large-scale software systems. He has published and
presented in various distinguished journals, magazines, conference proceedings
and technical sessions. Mr. Acharya holds an MS degree in computer science
and several Sun certifications including Enterprise Architect for J2EE
technology. Software Architecture, and Business and Computational Intelligence
are some of his research interest areas



Java programmers have a number of persistence frameworks to choose from, and far from being redundant, each is based on significantly different beliefs, assumptions, and ideal use-cases. In this article, Sharad Acharya takes a comparative look at JPA, Entity EJBs, Hibernate, and TopLink, to help...
Java SE 6 offers a new version of the platform's database support: JDBC 4.0. Sharad Acharya shows off the new features, including simplified driver loading, better exception reporting and handling, support for more data types, and more.