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Alexander Glasman

Alexander Glasman is working in the Java ME Test Products group
at Sun Microsystems. Alexander's primary area of focus
is the Technology Compatibility Kits (TCKs). He developed TCKs for
different technologies and has a broad expertise across the whole
Java ME stack from Java Card to CDC/PBP/AGUI.



In the previous post I mentioned that the plug-in performs integration of the existing tools with NetBeans IDE. But what does it mean really?

An old adage states that it's better one time to see than one hundred times to hear.
JavaOne 2007 Conference gave us an opportunity to verify it....

Required Software

The following software is required to ensure that the plug-in works properly and should be downloaded and installed:

  • ...

For a long time, testing of Java ME platforms and testing of Java ME applications were quite different areas. The developer community considered platform testing as something that exists far from...