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Denis Pilipchuk

Denis Pilipchuk has been occupying senior engineering and architectural roles in a number of leading consulting and security companies. Presently he is an architect on the Oracle Entitlements Server team, participates in OASIS WSS and WS-I BSP standards committees, and regularly contributes to industry publications. Denis holds M.S. in Computer Science.



Is Java a good choice for creating applications with configurable security? Denis Pilipchuk argues that Java's permissions-based security model is a relic of its browser days and lacks the configurability, expressiveness, and efficiency that enterprise Java developers need. In this article, he...
JAAS' limitations and assumptions have made it difficult to integrate with other enterprise technologies. However, by exposing it as a service, you can rely on JAAS in your SOA. Denis Pilipchuk shows how it's done.
Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) should unify security approaches in Java applications, but it has never integrated very well with Java EE, particularly where representing users is involved. Denis Pilipchuk looks at the current situation, the compounding issue of SOA, and...