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Brian Agnew

Brian Agnew is the founder and principal consultant with OOPS Consultancy Ltd, located in London, UK. He holds a B.Eng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Sheffield University. For the last 14 years he has worked with major financial houses and leading consultancies on a wide range of projects, including trading systems, network management infrastructures and grid-based architectures, working in Java mainly, C++ when he has to, and Perl when nothing else will do.



With the widespread use of XML by various Java technologies--for config files, stylesheets, deployment descriptors, etc.--it's not surprising that you might need to work with XML at build-time. XMLTask for Ant makes this a lot easier. Brian Agnew has a look at some of what you can do with XMLTask.
Finding objects within objects within lists of objects can be a tiresome chore to code, with multiply-nested loops and all sorts of room for error. JXPath offers an alternative: addressing your objects, their members, and their members' members with an XPath-style syntax. Brian Agnew looks at the...