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Soumen Chatterjee

Soumen Chatterjee is a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE technologies, an IBM Certified Specialist for Rational Unified Process, and a Microsoft Certified Professional. With expertise in enterprise architectural methodologies, process development techniques and testing strategies, he has been a part of the success equation of several leading-edge software service organizations.
He is a regular columnist of a special enterprise column, called MDA Radar, where he discusses MDA, Enterprise Architecture and modeling. He has published several technical papers on architecting, testing and project management in international conferences, architecting journal and internet based publication portals. He is an admirer of agile methodology and has primary interests in EA, MDA, AOP and EAI. Besides software, Soumen likes movies, music, and follows memory mapping technologies.
Soumen is a member of the IEEE, IEEE Standards, American Computing Machinery (ACM), Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), and the World Wide Institute of Software Architects. He is currently working as a Lead Consultant with UPCO.



Most developers are familiar with functional testing, but is a badly written program "right" if it passes all those tests? Soumen Chaterjee makes the case for testing that the code adheres to good object-oriented principles.