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Francois Orsini

Francois Orsini is a senior staff engineer working in the Database Technology group at Sun Microsystems with 18 years' experience in databases and infrastructure development. His expertise is in distributed data management systems, security, resource management, HA cluster solutions, and connectivity services. Francois spent 8 years at Sybase as a senior engineer working on the SQL Server core engine. He then worked at Cloudscape, Inc. as a technical lead, where he designed and implemented connectivity, security and middleware services for the Cloudscape Java database. Francois holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and Computer Science from the Paris Institute of Technology.



Pure fiction or reality? well, this is one of the two and yes it has become a reality!

This demo showcases Java DB (based on Apache Derby) running embedded within a web browser.

At the...

PACK200 (JSR-200) is a very interesting feature that is available as part of Java 5.

In order to increase network server, availability and bandwidth , two new compression formats have been...