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Lorenzo Puccetti

Lorenzo Puccetti is a software developer/architect living and working in London, England. When not at work Lorenzo enjoys swimming, playing the guitar, spending time with his wife,friends and family.



What happens when your system temporarily produces events faster than it can handle them? Can concurrency help the problem? Lorenzo Puccetti looks at an asynchronous event dispatching design as a possible solution.
Your web application is misbehaving, but since it's running, how do you figure out what's going on? Remote debugging (if you can get it configured) is one option, but is slow and difficult. Do you wish you could just throw some code in at runtime and figure out what's going on? Lorenzo Puccetti...


Consider the following interface:

public interface X
   public void doSomething() 

and two implementations:

public class Good implements X
   public void...

A few months ago I wrote a blog about javaspaces and its (lack of ?) popularity. The blog...

When I got myself a blog I thought I'd have used it to talk about the java technologies I use everyday.
Whether it is Spring, XStream or less popular open-sources, the idea...

Can XML capture the Dependency Injection pattern ?