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Alexander Potochkin

Alexander Potochkin is an engineer on the Swing team. He enjoys solving puzzles,
traveling to different countries and always returning to Saint Petersburg, Russia.



Hello everybody !

After spending a fantastic after JavaOne vacation, travalling Arizona and Florida I am happy to say hello to the comminity again.
Thanks to everyone who visited...

Everybody knows that Swing and AWT behaviour can be changed with command line properties,

It's taken some time to study all possible ways of detecting Event Dispatch Thread rule violations,
and now I feel I this topic is about to be closed.

But let me tell from the beginning...

Well, I've got more than 30 comments for the previous blog.

It's high time to summarize them and make up a conclusion.

There are two separate enhancements were suggested in...

Every experienced Swing developer knows that Swing components must be accessed from Event Dispatch Thread (EDT) only. Working with JComponents from any other thread may lead to unpredictable...

It's been a lot of publications about adding "close" button to a tabbedPane, all solutions suggested are really inventive and not easy to find.

Recently I came across one interesting bug 4413412 which seems to discover very odd Swing behaviors and really looks like...