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Raphael Mudge

Raphael Mudge is the developer behind the scripting language Sleep and the IRC client jIRCii. Raphael still lives in a world
where AJAX is a cleaning product and rxvt makes a fine IDE. When
he's not hacking code or pushing paper, Raphael spends his time hopping
around Europe.



Continuations offer the ability to persist program state, which gives you the ability to employ a number of sophisticated techniques in your development. Sleep, a Perl-like scripting language that runs on the JVM, offers first-class support for continuations. In this article, Raphael Mudge shows...
Perl is renowned for its "whipitupitude," meaning its ability to get a lot done with a small amount of code, particularly when it comes to regular expressions and working with I/O. Now the language Sleep tries to take the best of Perl and combine it with the ability to use Java objects from...