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Jody Garnett

Jody Garnett has been working with Java since rocks began to cool, and now that
they have we can hack them with Java. GIS represents one of the last great
frontiers (along with BI) where the data volume lets everyone work on real
computer science. This blog will cover the Open Source Java GIS community, and more then enough hard core design to keep you amused.



The use of Extensible-Interface pattern for an origional take on the metadata problem plaguing the spatial world (see EOGEO for background...

I recently had the privalage of teaching a training course to Centro Internacional De la Papa (part of CGIAR).


A bit more about the where 2.0.

So how do you find out location?

Microsoft dropped hints on their last...

Where 2.0
is the second conference I have been to since udig is has been released. And I...